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Primary Care

Primary Care For Infants, Childrens and Teens

General pediatricians are like the go-to doctors for kids’ overall health. They take care of children from birth until they become young adults. Pediatricians are experts in everything from common colds to growth and development issues. Let’s explore what they do:

Routine Check-ups: They see kids regularly to make sure they’re growing and developing as they should. These check-ups are a time for measuring growth, checking overall health, and getting necessary vaccinations.

Diagnosing and Treating Illnesses: Whether it’s a cold, an ear infection, or something more serious, pediatricians are the first ones parents call. They know a lot about the kinds of illnesses that are common in children and how to treat them.

Guidance on Nutrition and Lifestyle: They give advice on healthy eating, exercise, and good habits to keep kids healthy and strong.

Monitoring Developmental Milestones: They keep an eye on how kids are progressing in skills like walking, talking, and interacting with others. If there are any delays or issues, they’re the first to notice and take action.

Educating Families: Pediatricians spend time teaching parents and kids about health, safety, and what to expect as kids grow up.

Addressing Emotional and Behavioral Issues: They also help with problems like ADHD, anxiety, or trouble in school, and can refer families to specialists if needed.

Preventive Healthcare: They focus a lot on preventing illness and keeping kids healthy, not just treating them when they’re sick.

Coordinating Care: If a child needs to see a specialist for a specific issue, the pediatrician will help set that up and make sure all the child’s doctors are on the same page.

General pediatricians are essential in keeping kids healthy and thriving. They’re the ones families trust for all sorts of health questions and concerns, helping guide kids through their whole childhood.

How to book an appointment

  • Initial visits are by consultation. Your primary care MD should send a referral request to Kindercare Pediatrics
  • Upon receipt of the request, we will contact you to book an initial appointment.
  • For newborn assessments, please call or email directly to book an appointment

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