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Pediatric nutrition and lifestyle medicine specialists are doctors who focus on helping kids eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. They know a lot about how food, exercise, sleep, and daily habits affect children’s health. They’re all about making sure kids grow up strong and healthy. Here’s a closer look at what they do:

Giving Nutrition Advice: They’re experts in what kinds of food are best for kids at different ages. They help with meal plans, especially for kids with food allergies, diabetes, or obesity.

Promoting Healthy Habits: These doctors teach kids and their families about the importance of exercise, good sleep, and managing stress. They know these things are super important for overall health.

Managing Weight and Eating Disorders: They help kids who might be struggling with their weight or have eating disorders. They offer guidance on healthy eating and exercise routines.

Developing Personalized Plans: Every kid is different, so they make specific plans for each child, focusing on what they need to stay healthy and fit.

Educating Families: They spend time teaching families about how lifestyle choices impact health. This helps parents and kids make better decisions about food and activities.

Collaborating with Other Specialists: They often work with other doctors, like pediatricians and endocrinologists, to give comprehensive care, especially if a child has a medical condition affected by diet and lifestyle.

Monitoring Progress: They keep track of how kids are doing with their diet and lifestyle changes, making sure they’re getting healthier and feeling better.

Supporting Long-term Health: They’re not just about quick fixes. They focus on helping kids develop habits that will keep them healthy for life.

Pediatric nutrition and lifestyle medicine specialists play a crucial role in guiding children and their families towards healthier and happier lives. They’re dedicated to teaching and supporting kids in making choices that lead to lifelong wellness.

Assessment and Treatment for:

  • Childhood obesity or at risk for obesity
  • Eating disorder or suspected eating disorder
  • Lifestyle-related high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease
  • Picky eating
  • Difficulty gaining sufficient weight
  • Other nutrition-related medical concerns

How to book a specialist appointment:

Our specialists see patients by referral. Please ask your physician or primary care provider to send a referral to Kindercare.

  • The most efficient way to be referred to Kindercare is via Ocean eReferral. To get started, send your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner this link:
  • If a referral through Ocean eReferral is not possible, your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner can fax referrals to 416-848-7664
  • If you do not have a primary care provider, need help or have any questions, email or call 416-848-7665

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