Lactation and Infant Feeding Team (LIFT)

Toronto’s Breastfeeding, Lactation, and Infant Feeding Specialists

Lactation consultants and breastfeeding medicine doctors have extra training in helping moms and babies with breastfeeding. They understand all about how breastfeeding works. They’re job is to support, educate, and help solve any problems that might come up during breastfeeding. Read on for a short summary of what lactation consultants and breastfeeding medicine doctors do in their day-to-day work.

Supporting and Educating about Breastfeeding: They teach new moms the basics of breastfeeding, like how to help the baby latch on properly and how to maintain a good milk supply.

Identifying and Treating Breastfeeding Issues: If there are problems like pain during breastfeeding, difficulties with the baby latching, or concerns about milk supply, these specialists know what to do. They can offer solutions and treatments to make breastfeeding more comfortable and effective.

Working with Babies with Special Needs: Some babies, like those born prematurely or with certain medical conditions, might have more trouble breastfeeding. These specialists help figure out the best way to feed these babies.

Providing Emotional Support: They understand that breastfeeding can sometimes be challenging, so they offer support and encouragement to moms, helping them feel more confident.

Collaborating with Other Healthcare Professionals: They work with pediatricians, obstetricians, and lactation consultants to provide comprehensive care.

Helping with Pumps and Other Equipment: For moms who want to pump breast milk, whether they’re going back to work or have other needs, these specialists can give advice on the best ways to pump and store milk.

Addressing Health Issues Related to Breastfeeding: They are knowledgeable about how breastfeeding impacts both the mom’s and baby’s health and can address any concerns that arise.

Breastfeeding specialists are key in ensuring that infant feeding experiences are positive and healthy for both moms and babies. They’re dedicated to providing the support and knowledge needed to navigate the breastfeeding journey successfully.

Kindercare offers help and support for:

  • Prenatal education and counseling
  • Challenging latch
  • Breast and/or nipple pain
  • Low milk flow at the breast
  • Baby slow to gain weight
  • Breastfeeding refusal

How to book a specialist appointment:

Our specialists see patients by referral. Please ask your physician or primary care provider to send a referral to Kindercare.

  • The most efficient way to be referred to Kindercare is via Ocean eReferral. To get started, send your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner this link:
  • If a referral through Ocean eReferral is not possible, your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner can fax referrals to 416-848-7664
  • If you do not have a primary care provider, need help or have any questions, email or call 416-848-7665

Meet our Breastfeeding, Lactation, Infant Feeding Team

Ask your physician for a referral

Kindercare Pediatrics will then be in touch to book an initial appointment. Most visits covered by OHIP.