Ten of the most important health recommendations for parents of children aged 0 – 2 years.

  1. Breastfeeding is the optimal way to provide nutrition to your baby for the first ½ – 2+ years of life.
    – More info: World Health Organizations breastfeeding website: 
  2. Smoking is bad, not only for your health, but also for your baby’s short-term and long-term health and well being. If you smoke, make every effort to QUIT
    – More info: The American Academy of Pediatrics on second hand smoke and children 
  3. Vaccination saves the lives of approximately 3 million people globally per year. At Kindercare Pediatrics, we assume and strongly recommend that parents consent to vaccinating their children against vaccine-preventable diseases as recommended by all credible health authorities around the world. If you have concerns about vaccinations, speak with your doctor.
    – More info: The Center for Disease Control’s Vaccines and Immunizations Page 
  4. Postpartum depression and other mood problems affect 1 in 8 new moms. Mom, if you are feeling overly sad, anxious, panicky, inadequate, suicidal, or otherwise mentally unwell, seek help from a health care provider as soon as possible.
    – More info: WebMD Postpartum depression site
  5. A Safe Sleeping Environment. Put your baby to sleep on her back, on a firm surface, without any loose blankets/pillows, and within arm’s reach of caregiver.
    – More info: The American Academy of Pediatrics on safe infant sleep 
  6. Sugar Sweetened Drinks are not healthful and put your child’s long term well being at risk. When it comes to sugar sweetened beverages, less is better. None is optimal. Avoid giving your baby/children sugary drinks such as fruit juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks etc.
    – More info: The Center for Disease Control’s Sugar Sweetened Beverages resources page 
  7. Movement. Children should be active and moving as much as possible. Limit screen time to 0 min/day for children less than 2 YO and no more than ½ hour per day for children over 2 YO
    -More info: Healthy Kids, Active Kids – From the Canadian Pediatric Society 
  8. Read to your baby/child as often and as enthusiastically as possible.
    – More info: The Canadian Pediatric Society’s position statement on promoting childhood literacy 
  9. Dental and Eye care. You should take your child to the dentist and optometrist/ophthalmologist regularly by 2 years of age or before.
    – More info: The Canadian Dental Associations Recommendations for a child’s first visit to the dentist 
  10. Positive Parenting strategies are important for bringing your children up to be confident, competent, loving, and fulfilled.
    –  More info: Triple P – The Positive Parenting Program