The Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank is now accepting donor milk from qualified lactating women. Once received, donor milk is pasteurized and tested for communicable diseases.  The milk is then used to feed medically fragile babies in neonatal intensive care units throughout Canada.

Scientific research has demonstrated that these medically fragile babies, when receiving human pasteurized milk instead of commercial infant formula, are better protected from life-threatening illnesses such as necrotizing enterocolitis (a severe neonatal gastrointestinal condition), serious infections and other complications related to being born prematurely. It has been estimated that donated breast milk will save the lives of 15 babies each year in Ontario.

Qualified donors must:

  1. be in good health
  2. be a nonsmoker, not use illegal drugs, and not regularly consume alcohol
  3. not be taking any medications (except some supplements)
  4. be willing to donate a minimum of 150 ounces or about five liters of milk
  5. be currently breastfeeding a baby who is less than one year of age
  6. be free of chronic infection (hepatitis B or C, or HIV)
  7. not have had a tattoo, body piercing or permanent makeup within the past 12 months
If you would like to donate your milk and you meet the above criteria, contact the milk bank by calling 416-586-4800 x 3053 or email