This past Sunday, December 1st, 2013, we were privileged to have Olivia Chow cut the ribbon and share some words at kid-E-care’s Grand Opening. kid-E-care is Toronto’s new midtown pediatric after hours urgent care clinic that operates out of the Kindercare Pediatrics facility.

I am excited to share the transcript of Olivia’s speech below:


Thank you for your warm welcome. It is an honor and great pleasure for me to assist in the grand opening Kid-E-Care. Congraulations to Dr. Flanders and his team of doctors for establishing Kid-E-Care. Taking good care of our children is the best way to take good care of our community.
As a mother and grandmother myself, I know firsthand that for any parent, nothing causes more anxiety than a sick child.
But not every cut can be healed with a bandage and a kiss on the forehead. Not every fever can be chased off by a bowl of soup and a good night’s rest. Even the most resourceful parents need help sometimes.
Unfortunately, illness and injury don’t keep regular business hours. When our child is sick, it is not always possible to see our family doctor.
Each minute spent waiting for care can feel like an eternity, and often parents have no other option than a trip to the emergency room.
We are united by our pride of our public health care while our neighbor in the south is hopelessly divided on it. And with the establishment of Kid-E-Care, our public health care system has just been improved.
There will be less wait in the emergency rooms across this city. This clinic will give parents an effective alternative to the emergency room when their children need urgent care on evenings or weekends. Kid-E-care will improve access. Ki- E-Care will also allow emergency room to focus their efforts on the children that are very sick.
This clinic feels like a big security blanket. Parents now know who to call, 24/7 when their child is in urgent need of care.
So a big thank you to Dr. Flanders, and his team of dedicated doctors and support stuff for establishing Kid-E-Care Thank you for caring for the well being of Toronto’s children and their families.
And thank you for bringing us together to celebrate this amazing new facility, Kid E Care.